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"#1 Rated Pickleball Camp" 

- Pickleball Magazine 

"The best 3-day instructional program in the game"
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This camp will teach you all the essential mechanics, techniques and drills to help beginners become intermediate players. 




The intermediate camp covers all stroke mechanics and expands with many advanced strategies and techniques. Must be 3+ to attend.



This camp teaches 4+ players the techniques, skills, strategies, and drills to move up to the 5.0 level. Must be 4+ to attend. 


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Pickleball Instruction Camps 

Pickleball is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the United States—and understandably so. Pickleball combines tennis, table tennis, and badminton, and it's a great source of exercise for all ages. We understand that pickleball might be brand new to some of you. At the same time, some of you have been playing pickleball for years. Our pickleball instruction camps are the best way to get started or improve your skills while having a blast.  

What You'll Learn 


Our camps are offered at three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So, whether you're looking for a new activity to try or you want to become a pro, our camps can help. During our beginner pickleball instruction camp, you'll learn the game’s fundamentals. You'll also learn the mechanics necessary to excel at the game and become an intermediate. Once you've had some practice, you’re ready for the intermediate class, which covers your stroke techniques and advanced strategies. Finally, the advanced camp will take a deep dive into the game’s strategies, skills, and techniques to get you on your way to pro-level. All our camps incorporate drills to familiarize yourself with the game’s movements and footwork. 

Why LevelUp? 


The team of instructors at LevelUp loves to play pickleball, and they want to see everyone in our camps succeed and have fun. Our camps have consistently been renowned as one of the best pickleball camps in the United States. We're proud to say we've been named the #1 pickleball camp by Pickleball Magazine. Our instructors are happy to train individuals with varying experience levels; we will work with you based on your needs. 


So, what do you say—are you ready to get started or become a pickleball pro? Sign up for one of our pickleball training camps today! We offer camps throughout the United States, so check your state for upcoming camps now. 



Camps & Clinics

"The best 3-day instructional program in the game." - Pickleball Magazine
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