About Your LevelUp Camp:

Since 2016, LevelUP has been the world's largest and highest rated pickleball instructional camp. Sponsored by Pickleball Magazine, 80+ camps are run each year across the US.


The program features the best instructors and touring professionals in the sport and offers:

• 15-hours of High-quality Instruction

• Low 8 Students to 1 Pro Ratio

• Individual Pre-camp Video Review

• 32-Page LevelUp Camp Manual

• FREE LevelUp Gift


overs the Following:

• Videotaping: Pre-camp and Post-camp Individual Videos

• Dinking (Strategy, Form, Shifting and Communication)

• Third shot drops and Transitioning up to the Kitchen

• Volleys: Roll Volleys, Punch Volleys, and Block Volleys

• Kitchen Tricks: Attack Shots Off the Bounce and Out of the Air

• Lobbing and Running Shots Down

• Overheads

• Serving and Returning

• Just for Fun: Around the Post and Erne Shot


Our Camp Structure:

The LevelUp Program is built around a 4-section system:

1) Pro Demonstration of New Skills

2) Pros Analyze the Campers Through Drills

3) Campers Play Semi-Competitive Games Reinforcing the New Skill

4) Rotations Allow Campers to Play Different People


Demo Equipment:

Having the right paddle makes a difference, so LevelUP partners with the top manufacturers to offer a full line of onsite paddles and equipment for demo testing

(Selkirk, Paddletek, Babolat, Franklin, Engage, Head, Onix, Gearbox, Fila, Theragun, Sports Tutor, Takeya, Crosscourt Jewelry, Headsweats, Jigsaw Health)


Camp Daily Hours:

Each camp lasts three days (5 hours per day) plus post camp activities (optional dinner) and video analysis (after Day 1). Camps operate 9 am to noon, break for lunch, then 1 pm to 3 pm

Video reviews take place from 3 pm to 4 pm after the first day of camp


If you are unable to register because the class is full, please call for our waitlist and we’ll try to get you in: 888.308.3720

August 6-8th 2021 Riverside, MO

  • TBD

200 remaining