USA Pickleball Sling Bag

The USA Pickleball Sling Bag has just enough compartments to hold everything you need for a pickleball game without weighing you down. The slim, triangular design can hold up to 4 paddles and several balls so you're prepared for any scenario. There are also two smaller compartments on the outside with Velcro and mesh respectively, allowing you to stash smaller items and a water bottle.

The USA Pickleball Sling Bag is 18" high, 13" wide and 3" deep. The USA Pickleball logo is screen painted in white on the exterior pocket. The blue and red fabric colors are the official brand colors for USA Pickleball. The shoulder strap can be adjusted for length and fit so that you always feel comfortable when wearing it.

The USA Pickleball Sling Bag is a handy way to keep your equipment organized and protected on the route to games.

USA Pickleball Sling Bag


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