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ADVANCED (3.6-4.5)

By Level


Advanced Pickleball Camps

Are you ready to take your pickleball skills to the highest level? Then you need to sign up for our advanced pickleball camp!

Our advanced camps are designed for individuals who are well-versed in the sport and seeking to reach the pinnacle of their abilities. LevelUp’s expert instructors allow you to refine your skills and develop a deeper understanding of Pickleball strategy. 


Advanced camps involve:

• Videotaping: Pre-camp and Post-camp individual videos

• Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

• Advanced Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (Drops, Drives, Shoves, Blitzing)

• Volleys (Punch Volleys, Roll Volleys, Reset Volleys from Kitchen and Mid-Court)

• Offensive Shots (Roll Volleys, Tornado, Erne, ATP, Shake & Bake, Lobs, Overheads, Shoves)

• Advanced Serving and Returning (Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Slicing, Strategy)

• Advanced Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above

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