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about us

At LevelUp, we use our finely-tuned curriculum to teach players of all levels how to improve their game. Our hand-selected team of the top pros in the sport teaches 200+ camps across 35 states. 

"Fantastic experience, would recommend to any player wanting to improve pickleball skills"

Win at your level and move up to the next

LevelUp offers three skill-based pickleball camps:


2.0 - 2.9 players

One and two-day camps

Our beginner camps are designed for new players who have grasped some Pickleball fundamentals and now want to apply them confidently on the court. 

Beginner camps involve:

  • Videotaping (Pre-camp and Post-camp individual videos)

  • Rules (Scoring and All Essential Game Rules)

  • Serving and Returning (Grip, Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Strategy)

  • Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

  • Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (3rd Shot Drops and Drives)

  • Punch Volleys (Beating the Bangers)

  • Offensive Shots (Drives, Lobs, Overheads)

  • Beginner Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above

3.0 - 4.0 players

Two-day camps

Our intermediate camps are designed for players who have a solid grasp of the basics and are ready to take their abilities to the next level. Our campers have won 3.5 tournaments within days or weeks of attending the camp. 


Intermediate camps involve:

• Videotaping: Pre-camp and Post-camp individual videos

• Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

• Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (3rd Shot Drops and Drives)

• Volleys (Punch Volleys, Roll Volleys, Reset Volleys)

• Offensive Shots (Roll Volleys, Erne, ATP, Blitzing, Lobs, Overheads, Shoves)

• Serving and Returning (Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Strategy)

• Intermediate Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above

3.6 - 4.5 players

Two-day camps

Our advanced camps are designed for individuals who are well-versed in the sport and seeking to reach the pinnacle of their abilities. LevelUp’s expert instructors allow you to refine your skills and develop a deeper understanding of Pickleball strategy. 


Advanced camps involve:

• Videotaping: Pre-camp and Post-camp individual videos

• Dinking (Purpose, Techniques, Strategy, Shifting, Communication)

• Advanced Transitioning from Baseline to Non-Volley Line (Drops, Drives, Shoves, Blitzing)

• Volleys (Punch Volleys, Roll Volleys, Reset Volleys from Kitchen and Mid-Court)

• Offensive Shots (Roll Volleys, Tornado, Erne, ATP, Shake & Bake, Lobs, Overheads, Shoves)

• Advanced Serving and Returning (Purpose, Positioning, Placement, Technique, Slicing, Strategy)

• Advanced Drills and Games Built Around Every Shot Above

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Typical CAMP hours

Hours differ depending on the venue. Check camp pages for individual camp details.




9 AM                12 - 1PM                   4PM

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OUR 4-step process

We follow a four-step process to clearly and effectively teach our campers new skills:

  1. Our pros name a particular skill and why it is important.

  2. Our pros demonstrate the proper execution of the skill.

  3. Our pros teach campers how to perform the skill.

  4. Campers practice the skill in game-like scenarios.

Green and Purple Abstract


At LevelUp, we understand the importance of individual feedback. One way that we do this is by recording each camper at the beginning of camp so that our pros can give commentary on their gameplay. These 4-minute pre-camp videos focus on dinking, volleys, serves, returns, and drops. They are reviewed, edited, and sent via email 2 to 3 weeks after camp; campers can rewatch their videos after camp to better understand what they should work on as well as to see the improvement that their hard work at camp earned them.
In addition, every LevelUp camper receives a training manual summarizing the tips and drills taught at camp. This way, campers don't need to worry about remembering every detail or writing things down — they'll always have notes to refer back to.

Pickleball Shots

Serving AND RETURNing

To start a point on the right foot, the first thing you need is the proper positioning for serves and returns. 90%+ of players below a 4.5 level start in the wrong location which puts them at a disadvantage before a point even begins.
Further, most returners don't know how to properly approach the net to take control after their returns.
We teach technique and strategies through drills and live game situations.


The better you get, the more valuable dinking becomes. LevelUp spends a great amount of time on the importance, fundamentals, ready position, shifting, communication, and strategy for winning dinking. We then use several drills and games to build well-rounded players.

3rd/5th Shot

By the time campers complete the LevelUp program, they will have the techniques, placement, and proper strategies for executing the drops that will get them up to the kitchen line. We also offer some special drills and games that our pros use to continually develop and improve on these skills.

Volleys and beating the bangers

The LevelUp program is all about learning and growing as players. Our pros will show you the common mistakes that people of your level make and how to overcome them. Next, we teach you the skills, drills, strategies and techniques to get you to move up a full level.

Attack Shots

If you want to be more of a threat at the kitchen “non-volley” line, we teach placement and techniques for shove/push drives, passing shots, and offensive lobs. Campers love this segment!

For Fun

Yes, everyone gets to hit a couple Erne Shots (from outside the kitchen) and Around-the-Post (ATP) Shots. While these are just short, fun drills, the majority of campers love these segments and end up incorporating them into their regular game play.

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