The Level up clinic I attended was run by Wayne and Lisa Dollard who did an amazing job of running a thorough skills development clinic.
I went into the clinic a beginner / intermediate Banger and came home a much improved player with the skills set to execute 3rd , 4rth, 5th shots and kitchen play . Wayne and Lisa’s desire to get better at what they do and their willingness to give it away creates a fun atmosphere while your working hard to get better , Bravo Wayne and Lisa .

Tom and I really enjoyed the Level Up Pickleball Camp we attended last weekend. I rarely write a review but was so impressed with the professionalism of the instructors and the efficiency of the way the camp was run. More importantly, I really think it improved our skills! i feel that our play is truly one "Level Up"

I have attended not 1, but 2, LevelUp Pickleball camps in the last couple of months. Hopefully, that's ample evidence of how much I not only enjoyed the first one but how much I learned. 15 minutes into the first camp I grasped something valuable but so basic about dinking (grip) and I knew my path for the rest of the camp was set. Wayne, Lisa and the other outstanding instructors/pros were committed to improving everyone's game and really seemed to delight in our individual progress. If you want to raise your game, this is the camp.

My husband and I attended the Richmond,VA camp. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how it was run. We were instructed on what we were doing wrong and shown the proper techniques along with amazing drills. The entire coaching staff were fun to be around as they all had great personalities. I highly recommend their camp.

Had a great weekend in OC Maryland at Levelup Pickleball Camp. Instructors Wayne, Lisa and Brendan were top notch, personable, encouraging, funny and thorough. The ratio of the pro to camper was perfect! Lots of attention and instruction. Learned so much more about the game and great technique, strategy and drills. Learned more about the importance of great positioning, stance and execution of shots. Tons of great content and lots of fun! I would highly recommend and would consider attending again in the future!

This is excellent pickleball camp! They taught us every aspect of the game. They would demonstrate and then we would practice. they filmed us at the beginning and at the end to show how much we learned and improved our game. Wayne, Lisa, Brenden and Riley are great to work with and did a great job on the one on one instruction. Good people, Good Camp!

Great camp. Great instructors who explained the how and why of each of the lessons, shots and techniques taught. Very welcoming and responsive to questions. Lots of hard work and very fun. Well worth the cost.Planning on attending again next year.

This is excellent pickleball instruction! The shot to be learned is described, then the pros demonstrate it. Then the campers do several specific drills to practice the shot. Then sometimes, a mini-game. Not only do you learn shot technique, but you learn various strategies to beat your opponents. I took the camp in Bozeman with Wayne and Lisa Dollard. They are both excellent instructors and lots of fun. There is nothing else I could expect from a camp. I came away with a booklet of drills and strategies that I will use to continue to improve my game. I would take their camp every month if I could!!!

Don't know how a pickleball camp could get any better. Wayne and Lisa are great instructors. I learned so much I have had to review it all several times.

What a great pickleball camp in Bozeman with Wayne and Lisa Dollard from LevelUp. It was such a fun experience; a really good environment; and I learned a lot. Highly recommend. Well worth it. Thanks Wayne & Lisa!!

This was the best Pickleball training I have ever had. The drills were excellent and we had time to practice them in play. Wayne, Lisa, DJ and Brenden were awesome instructors .I strongly recommend LevelUp if you want to improve your game!!!!!

I have been to two of the Level-Up camps, the intermediate and the advanced. They were both excellent and I am still using specific coaching tips I learned at the camps.

My husband attended this camp. He was very skeptical going, but he was really impressed with the quality of instruction. He has improved noticeably. He readily recommends level up pickleball camps.

Great to work with 4 excellent trainers. My skills definitely improved from the start of the camp to the end of the camp and had a ton of fun the whole time!

I attended the LevelUp camp in Punta Gorda. It was excellent. Well organized with tons of information. May attend another after Covid.

It was a great experience and definitely helped to elevate my game to the next level!

This is a great camp. The instructors will instill confidence, boost your technical skills / power and supercharge you to the next level.

It was a lot of fun, interactive and improved my game.
Thank you.

Fantastic experience, would reccomend to any player wanting to improve pickleball skills,

Wayne and Lisa have a great eye for details. They gave me helpful tips to get my game to the next level.

This was the best camp ever! The detailed analysis brought my game level way up! I played two times after I came back from camp and I could not believe the improvement. A couple people asked me how I had improved so quickly. Made the game even more fun than before. Lisa and Wayne are awesome!!

You get out what you put in. I put in the work - and I've had continually improving great post camp pickleball match results. No pun intended - but it did level me up! Thank you Wayne and all!

Took the beginners camp...excellent instructions and fun. Both Lisa and Mike were great. Highly recommend for everyone to increase their skills and confidence.

Amazing! Logical and practical information. Amazing drills to help you improve your skills. All that, and it was fun!

Great Program. Everything you need to improve your skills. Thanks Wayne and Crew.

Wayne and Lisa are passionate about both the game and helping players improve their skills. It is obvious they have both been teaching a long time. Immediately after playing I came back to my 4.0+ friends and had many improved shots and now they want to start practicing so they can keep up. I thoroughly recommend their camps.

Very enthusiastic and professional instruction. I learned so much and improved my game tremendously. I look forward to the next clinic. Lisa and Wayne are the best.

Great 3 days of excellent instruction/drilling by top Pro's. Will definitely do it again!

Excellent instruction in a fun atmosphere. Time and money well spent.

Just attended the camp with Wayne and Riley in Newport Beach. Fantastic! I learned so much on several aspects of the game.

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