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5.5+ Head pro
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About Him

Brenden is a professional pickleball player and instructor who has gained recognition for his outstanding performance and contribution to the sport. He is known for his agility, precision, and strategic gameplay on the pickleball court. Since 2020, Brenden has been working full-time as a head pro with LevelUp, where he has become known to thousands of players in the pickleball community.

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Pro Profile

Professional Career: Brenden held the prestigious #1 ranking in western Pennsylvania tennis and further honed his skills by playing college tennis at Penn State. His tennis journey also saw him earn sponsorship from Babolat. However, he transitioned to pickleball, where he competes in both singles and doubles events, now proudly sponsored by Sketchers.


Skill and Style: Brenden Dollard is known for his impressive shot making abilities, quick reflexes, and adaptability on the court. His play style combines power and finesse, making him a formidable opponent.


LevelUp Instructor: In his role as a LevelUp Instructor, Brenden maintains a teaching schedule, conducting 40 to 60 camps annually and traveling extensively throughout the year. He possesses an intricate understanding of the format, overseeing the training of new assistants and head instructors to ensure a seamless and correct execution.

Beyond the court: Beyond his on-court endeavors, Brenden is the founder of TRNITY Pickleball. This company specializes in creating paddles infused with cutting-edge technology and performance enhancements designed to elevate the overall level of play on the pickleball court.

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