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The Êthos represents the very foundation of our Power Series. With an innovative design focused on maximizing power and reach, it's the choice of players who thrive on calculated strategies and calculated moves. Whether you're delivering powerful smashes or putting wicked spin on your shots, the Êthos paddle empowers your game to the next level.


Key Features:


  • Longest paddle in the series for reach 
  • Exceptional ability to carve balls
  • Advanced surface texture for exceptional spin control.
  • Amplified sweet spot for potent shots.
  • Reinforced core technology for enhanced power.
  • Aesthetically striking design that exudes confidence.
  • Choose the Êthos paddle to strategize, strategize, and win with unmatched power and precision.



Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Average Midweight: 8.5 oz.

Height: 16 ⅜"

Width: 7 ¼"

Grip Length: 5"

Grip Circumference: 4 ⅛"

Surface: T700 Carbon Fiber

Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Thickness: 13mm

Surface Area: Long Paddle

Handle Length: Short handle 

Technology: Cold Pressed

    Êthos Power


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