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The Pathós paddle taps into the emotional aspect of the game, where passion meets performance. Designed for those players who play with heart, this paddle offers a unique balance of finesse and power. Whether you're reacting instinctively to every shot or unleashing your passion for the game, the Pathós paddle supports your journey to victory.


Key Features:

  • A perfect blend between length and width.
  • Reactive face technology for dynamic gameplay.
  • Enhanced grip for comfort during intense rallies.
  • Versatile design that caters to a variety of playing styles.
  • Play with heart and emotion, and let your passion drive your game.
    • Choose the Pathós paddle to experience an emotional connection with your game, allowing your heart and skill to guide you to victory.


Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Average Midweight: 8.3 oz.

Height: 15 ¾"

Width: 7 ¾"

Grip Length: 5"

Grip Circumference: 4 ⅛"

Surface: T700 Carbon Fiber

Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Thickness: 13mm

Surface Area: Medium Paddle

Handle Length: Short handle 

Technology: Cold Pressed

    Pathós Power


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