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About Your LevelUp Camp:

Since 2016, LevelUP has been the world's largest and highest rated pickleball instructional camp. Sponsored by Pickleball Magazine, 80+ camps are run each year across the US.


The program features the best instructors and touring professionals in the sport and offers:

• 15-hours of High-quality Instruction

• Low 8 Students to 1 Pro Ratio

• Individual Pre-camp Video Review

• 32-Page LevelUp Camp Manual

• FREE LevelUp Gift


Our Comprehensive 3-Day / 15-Hour Program Covers the Following:

• Videotaping: Pre-camp and Post-camp Individual Videos

• Dinking (Strategy, Form, Shifting and Communication)

• Third shot drops and Transitioning up to the Kitchen

• Volleys: Roll Volleys, Punch Volleys, and Block Volleys

• Kitchen Tricks: Attack Shots Off the Bounce and Out of the Air

• Lobbing and Running Shots Down

• Overheads

• Serving and Returning

• Just for Fun: Around the Post and Erne Shot


Our Camp Structure:

The LevelUp Program is built around a 4-section system:

1) Pro Demonstration of New Skills

2) Pros Analyze the Campers Through Drills

3) Campers Play Semi-Competitive Games Reinforcing the New Skill

4) Rotations Allow Campers to Play Different People